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Why should I use a checklist?


Sent an email with a wrong link or a spelling mistake? Do you freeze when it gets to the point of pressing the dreaded ‘yes I’m sure I want to send’ button?

A checklist gives you the security you’ve done your best and double checked the important parts of your email campaign.


Quality is key. No one wants to open an email, see a product or offer they are interested in and then find out they’ve been given the wrong information.

Don’t give your list a reason to doubt your brand and your expertise. Give them a great experience and they’ll reward you with sales.


When you’re in a rush it’s really easy to select the wrong list or group to send your email to.  Sending to the wrong people will not only annoy them but it costs you money.

Keep a cool calm head and easily spot when something isn’t right with the people you’ve selected – before you press send!